Ginekologia Estetyczna

Aesthetic gynecology methods

Changes in the appearance of the genitals that occur with age turn out to be a problem for many women. It is no wonder then that aesthetic gynecology is currently one of the fastest growing medical specialties in the world. It focuses on treatments that are aimed at improving the appearance of female genitals and improving their sexual function. They lead to an improvement in the sense of self-esteem and mental comfort, as well as to an image in the eyes of the partner. The appearance of intimate organs often changes after delivery, as well as in the aging process, as a result of which the subcutaneous tissue disappears and as a result of a feeling of discomfort.

My experience in gynecology prompted me to introduce some aesthetic treatments that may contribute to improve the quality of intimate life and the appearance of the external genitalia. There are many treatments that change the appearance of the genitals. The choice of method depends largely on the problem with which the patient is struggling, as well as the expected results. Also important is the age, past diseases and procedures that the woman underwent. In the clinic in Warsaw, aesthetic gynecology procedures use two methods: we use the Vaginal Narrower thread and the Desirial preparation. Both solutions are used for other cosmetic defects and other problems that are associated with these defects.

Too wide vaginal entrance

This problem affects many women who gave birth naturally and had incision in the perineum. An enlarged entrance can, however, also be a congenital feature. Women often complain of abrasions and irritation, as well as excess secretions. This defect often has an impact on sex life.

Aesthetic gynecology procedures associated with too wide vaginal opening use lifting threads. This method involves the introduction of threads into the subcutaneous tissue, as a result of which the narrowing of the entrance occurs. Return to normal activity after a few days.

Modeling intimate areas

To change the external appearance of organs, and especially to enlarge the outer labia, for example, Desirial is used in aesthetic gynecology. It fills the intimate area: in addition to changing shape, it also increases hydration, which helps fight hypersensitivity. At the same time, the preparation is used to restore the labia’s function of protecting the entire vaginal entrance.

The treatment consists in introducing the preparation into the subcutaneous tissue. Although the change can be seen immediately, the full effect is visible after two weeks.

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