It is known for a long time that the hands are the calling card of every woman. People pay attention to them in many different life situations – from private meetings to professional meetings. So let’s take care of your hands so that they look good at all times. The manicure we make in Wilanów will give you a long-lasting effect of beautiful hands. We only use proven cosmetics from well-known brands such as Cuccio, Gehwol, Organique, Shellac, Vinylux, Ekert Nails.

Our perfect manicure will help you feel confident in every, even the most difficult situation. The foundation of confidence is well-being that you and Bellisana can take care of at any time. Manicure will give your nails a new glow and your hands will become velvety soft. We will take care of you!

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What does the manicure look like?

In our salon, we care for your nails in different ways – for each client we will find the right method, whether it will be a Japanese manicure for a fragile tile, or a hybrid or Vinylux for those women who care about the durability of the styling effect. In this way, care will not only make your nails look dazzling, but also help strengthen them.

We start the manicure by cleaning the nail from varnishes and impurities. Only proper and thorough cleansing guarantees that the new styling will look dazzling. The next stage is shortening the nails, we also model them with files. The plate should be shaped to fit the palm, finger length, and finally the nail structure.

In the next step, the crusts are removed, previously properly softened – thanks to this, the entire plate is exposed, which allows it to be thoroughly covered with preparations and varnishes. The final stage is stylization – applying primers and hardeners suitable for the type of manicure.


Don’t forget about feet too! Their appearance is as important as the appearance of the hands, especially in the summer, when women willingly wear sandals and shoes revealing toes and heels. Elegantly cut, stylized and painted nails make the foot look attractive. At the same time, pedicure also adds confidence. Viewed “from head to toe”, the woman knows that she took care of every detail of her appearance, so she will gladly slip her shoes on the beach or while trying on in a shoe store.

It is also worth remembering that proper nail clipping at the feet, i.e. the first stage of pedicure, is the most important element of prevention against ingrowth. Our beauticians know exactly how to take care of the clients’ feet and how to conduct a pedicure so that the nails are healthy and stylish, and walking never causes problems.

What does a pedicure look like?

It starts with cleansing and softening the skin – it facilitates the removal of keratinized epidermis, as well as shortening and styling of nails. During the pedicure, we use a peeling, thanks to which the epidermis regains freshness and a young, healthy appearance. Then, to moisturize the skin, rub the appropriate creams into the feet. Pedicure ends with nail stylization, also using the hybrid or Vinylux method.