Aesthetic medicine – what we do?

Bellisana Salon in Warsaw provides a wide range of services aimed at improving the quality of life of patients and their sense of attractiveness. Aesthetic medicine helps to reduce many skin and body imperfections, troublesome ailments (excessive sweating, migraines, alopecia), as well as to delay aging.

In our salon you can take advantage of mimic and static wrinkle removal treatments, furrow filling as well as mesotherapy, carboxytherapy or CO2 fractional laser therapy. We also deal with lip augmentation. Thanks to the use of the injection lipolysis method, we can also offer you excess fat removal treatments. We also remove tattoos, permanent makeup and small skin changes. Aesthetic medicine procedures at Bellisana salon in Warsaw are performed by doctors. That is why we also offer treatment of migraines or excessive sweating with the use of botulinum toxin. We also treat bruxism, i.e. excessive contraction of the masseter muscles. Each procedure is preceded by a detailed interview with the patient, which will allow to assess the legitimacy of performing the given procedure, as well as exclude contraindications. The patient is also informed about the procedure.

Is aesthetic medicine different from cosmetic and plastic surgery?

These three areas are often confused, although they differ a lot from each other. The first major discrepancy is related to the very purpose of all these areas. To put it simply, cosmetology is based on improving the quality and appearance of skin, nails or hair without disturbing the continuity of the skin, and plastic surgery on correcting defects and defects (actual, but also only recognized as such by the patient) of body and face by surgical methods. Aesthetic medicine, on the other hand, is a minimally invasive method, however, allowing interference into the body without the need for hospitalization, using only local anesthesia in case of such need. Aesthetic medicine tries to improve the appearance in the case of minor changes and in people who do not want to seek help in plastic surgery. For this reason, treatments performed in this field must be carried out by doctors.

How deep is the interference in the body?

The fields also differ in terms of the degree of invasiveness: the cosmetic does not actually interfere with the body, its action is usually limited to the surface of the skin, plastic surgery is in turn associated with surgical treatment and the patient’s stay in the hospital during convalescence. Aesthetic medicine is between these two areas – the procedures performed within it do not require hospitalization, and their invasiveness is usually punctures, skin incisions or the use of a laser. So, aesthetic medicine involves interference in deeper layers of the skin than cosmetology.

The Bellisana team consists of:

Medical doctor Dariusz Kołodziejczak – the owner of the clinic with 16 years of practice in the field of aesthetic medicine and over 30 years of medical work experience. Has a second degree specialization in gynecology, he also graduated from the post-graduate School of Aesthetic Medicine dr Ignaciuka in Warsaw. He belongs to the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging. He also conducts training for other doctors in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Medical doctor Małgorzata Makowska – a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw, as well as postgraduate studies in aesthetic medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. He currently conducts classes with students at the Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw. Just like medicine. med. Dariusz Kołodziejczak belongs to the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.

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