Rehabilitation treatments Warsaw

In our clinic’s offer in Warsaw’s Wilanów you will find a wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures, as well as massages performed by a qualified physiotherapist and personal trainer Paweł Marek.

Paweł Marek is a masseur and physiotherapist, as well as a personal trainer. He gained knowledge at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw and while working in Warsaw clinics and hospitals. He also took numerous courses and training in deep tissue massage, dry needling in myofascial trigger point therapy, pinopressure according to Radosław Składowski, orthopedic medicine according to Cyriax, treatment and prevention of injuries in team games, medical therapeutic training and more.

We perform rehabilitation treatments, as well as sports and relaxation massages. Indication for their implementation are, among others:

  • orthopedic injuries
  • backaches
  • neuralgia
  • neurological disorders
  • overload conditions of muscles and joints
  • headaches
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • chronic fatigue (mental and physical)
  • prolonged stress.

Rehabilitation Treatments

In our clinic, we deal with patients with various ailments – we help with backaches, orthopedic injuries or arthritis. We perform rehabilitation treatments supporting the regeneration of the body – it can be pinopressure or therapy using trigger points, for example dry needling or tissue massage combined with oppression of individual body parts. Patient is interviewed before each rehabilitation procedure – you can also make an appointment only for physiotherapy consultation. Before you start working with a physiotherapist, it is worth making sure that there are no contraindications to the massage. Some diseases, including open wounds, for example, prevent treatment.

Sports massages

Designed for physically active people – its goal is at the same time to prevent injuries and to alleviate swelling in case of overtraining or to prepare for effort. Sports massages have many varieties: some are done after training, others before competitions, the goal of others is to accelerate the return of the trainee to fitness. It all depends on the level of advancement, the discipline chosen, and even the condition or gender. Sports massage differs from the classic in intensity – more force is used with it, the movements are often faster and the kneading of the muscles stronger. It is worth remembering that this is not a therapeutic procedure – it is rather related to the field of biological regeneration, i.e. accelerating the body’s natural regeneration abilities.

Relaxation massages

Under the influence of slow hand movements, the oppressed and rubbed muscles relax, which usually causes a feeling of relaxation. Relaxation massages are designed to stimulate the muscles so that they stop over-contracting and tightening – especially when these contractions are involuntary. One of the additional effects of this treatment is the acceleration of blood circulation, as well as the improvement of lymph circulation: the fluid responsible for the body’s immunity, which is transported just through muscle contractions. Fragrance oils are a very common addition to relaxing massages, which, in addition to a pleasant fragrance, reduce skin friction and thus facilitate rubbing and kneading the body.


Before using a massage or physiotherapy, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications, which are: acute inflammation, open wounds, skin diseases accompanied by purulent lesions, menstruation, infections, aneurysms, bone fragility, circulatory failure, cancer, hypertension, alcoholism, high body temperature, vascular diathesis, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, epilepsy and more.

The standard Bellisan procedure lasts 60 minutes. You can also use a physiotherapy consultation.